Calle Laurel 12, Mar Menor Golf Resort 30700 , Torre Pacheco , Murcia
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A little bit about us...

Ashley and I are golf mates. We first met way back in 2006 at the Mar Menor Golf Resort. Ashley lived on the resort and I worked for Polaris World, who managed the golf course at the time. Shortly after we first met, my wife and I moved onto the resort and we became good friends. We used to play a lot of golf together in the 'Friday Frolic', which is a golf society competiton that has been held every week on the Resort ever since.

Shorty after moving on to the resort I left Polaris World and set up a holiday rentals business based on the resort. Holidaymakers oftern asked where they could get hold of a decent set of clubs for a round. Initially I used to lend out an old set of mine but it became clear there could be a bit of an opportutnity to rent clubs out. Ashley at the time worked for a golf resort estate agent and he too saw the growing golf holiday potential in the area.

One night after playing in the frolic after a few beers had been drunk I mentioned my idea about renting clubs out and said I was thinking of putting a website together, buying a few sets of clubs and testing the market. Ashley made it clear he was intersted. His background was managing large courier compnaies, so he had lots of logistical experience and understood the delivery side of things We agreed 'delivery' was key as it made things so easy for the client.









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